Share the knowledge of a thousand minds



We give you insight to make the right decisions

"It’s all about your people!"

We believe in success by sharing and we facilitates for organisations to include their employees as a central part of the business development and decision-making processes. Handling all innovation initiatives in a standard managed workflow, motivating employees by gradually mature by participation in business development and decision making linked towards business targets. It is time for Management to unleash their people and appreciate all improvement proposals/ initiatives and feedback from own employees. It is important to safeguard the knowledge and creativity that exists in the heads of your people.

Moving targets and precision in decisions
It is time to speed up the transformation towards the agile organisation paradigm in order to succeed in the future.
Business has to react quickly towards moving targets, challenged by a constantly changing landscape and low margins. The fight for the survival, are getting tougher and tougher: So how to improve and react in time by making the right decisions? How to keep coworkers engaged, and included in business innovation? How to balance stability and dynamism in the future? We also know that there are strong signs of growing levels of frustration with broken decision-making processes in businesses today, with a slow pace of decision-making deliberations, and with the uneven quality of decision-making outcomes. Decisions are timely, and we believe that there is a huge potential in making the process more effective, which means the opportunity of cost-saving potential is huge, can you afford NOT to do something about this improvement area?
Future success will also depend on management's capability to make the right, high - quality decisions in the time of urgency. As we all run like crazy in the hamster wheel, how to make sure you have the necessary insight to make the right decisions? and do you even have time to stop up questioning the process or look for other solutions?

Information Overflow and Timethieves Trolls
We live in a time of urgency that’s for sure, where changes are constantly and no longer once in a while as we traditional are used to. We register that there are rapid changes in management and among employees. Can you afford to step back to start each time new management enters your business? How to maintain consistency under circumstances like this?
We for sure are struggling with information overflow, daily tasks, and a lot of time thieves, still working in silos inefficiently without thinking how to decrease the workload on our employees. We have a “trillion” emails to read and answer, emails that often requires a study to be answered or a decision to be made. Where the receiver doesn't have the necessary knowledge or information to act. We, therefore, postpone our reply which is extremely annoying from the sender's point of view. Are constantly reminded and stressed because I am in a deadlock getting nowhere hoping something else caught my attention and makes it easier to prioritize.
This is a symptom of a disease, which consequences might result in low productivity and worst case sick leave.
We experience to be invited to an unnecessary number of meetings, and meeting today are no longer efficient decision meetings. We actually meet to discuss and discuss further, without making any decision, undermining the responsibility of the manager's role. In addition, we register the meeting Culture as a disease: Fear of missing out (FOMO). We all have the same problems “getting the ends to meet, and meetings to end”. Let us cure the FOMO disease with a Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO) culture.

"If you build a Business culture where it is natural to seek insight from your people and let them take part in the decision making they might help you out providing you with accuracy and necessary insight.
You might be amazed by what you get in return, just try it out!"

We believe

“People build Culture” and “Culture builds People”
We believe in new revolutionizing ways of collaborating and decision making. We believe that we can make each other stronger by working together. We believe in building a Business Culture by moving into a digital service which easily lets you share competence, knowledge, and innovation with your people. We believe businesses must dare to include and let employees participate in decision making and business development. We believe businesses should safeguard the treasure of knowledge and experience which are in the heads of your people. We believe in future success for businesses to start building internal know-how and insight by gathering and handling valuable information in one place in one system. We believe in a digital solution which provides a total overview of all initiatives needed in order to prioritize and make quality decisions in the time of urgency. We believe in continuous improvement by increasingly mature targeted awareness and reduce information overflow, E-mails, and internal meetings. We believe in learning and knowledge sharing by asking your employees before taking further actions. We believe that the key to success and enthusiasm is to work together and to share knowledge and experience with each other. We believe in channeling experience in quantity to quality development. We believe in challenging business silos both organisational, processes and technologically and revolutionizing business development. We believe in being a significant value contributor by delivering cost-efficient solutions, for our customers.

Future solution - Ask the people
The Tangofy Business Innovation Platform is developed together with experienced professionals both CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s and other relevant resources. The participants have a strong track record in optimizing organisations using technology as an enabler. We are enthusiastic to be a gamechanger for managers and employees, by providing them with the platform which allows them to challenge the current barriers between business models and markets, individuals and organisations. We proudly go to work every day because we want to present the next generation Business Innovation Platform and facilitate as an enabler to businesses that want to change the culture for the new eras to come, fulfilling our greater purpose “We believe in success by sharing”.
The Tangofy Platform is developed together with our development team in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Tangofy would like to thank all the Managers in businesses who have given valuable insight into what they need to evolve as businesses. Microsoft has given us access to the best available technology. Play Design has played with us with our identity work. Thank you to Innovation Norway and Norges Forskningsråd for believing in the concept and providing us with the necessary resources to pursue the dream as digitalization creators. 
Thank you all!



Share the knowledge of a thousand minds

Ever thought it would be interesting to know what everyone means or asked yourself what if I had the know-how of what others mean about this issue? Do you think that such information will give you the insight you need to make more accurate decisions? we believe so, and wouldn’t it be great if you could?
Previously, this was a bit complicated and time-consuming to execute. Tangofy has developed PULSE to help you through a complete workflow.
The service is 100% digital. All information is available in PULSE. When using Pulse it is not necessary for you to create a lot of spreadsheets in order to analyze and define activities. Just log in to PULSE and begin exploring our digital solution.

The origins of PULSE comes from the Tangofy founder’s experience:
Why are you happy with a vendor, while another you know who uses the same vendor is dissatisfied with them?
Perhaps the opposite is true: Why is your customer no. 1 dissatisfied, while a hundred others of your customers are happy with what you deliver?
Is it maybe the same internally in your own organization? Department 1 is very happy, while Department 2 is still expressing its dissatisfaction?
Do you recognize yourself?

Tangofy's name originates from: "It takes 2 to Tango":

  • It can be a customer and a supplier.

  • It can be an employee and a leader.

  • It can be an employee and a colleague.

In all interfaces between people, we experience different maturity in all levels of the organisation.
Our Tangofy Maturity Index is a pre-defined mapping of questions that gives you an instant indicator of the status regarding the specific situation you seek insight about. Tangofy Maturity Index indicates where you are, and make you aware of the maturity level before taking further actions. This gives you an insight and understanding of internal/ external forces that might occur against different initiatives. Some businesses operate happily and successfully between levels 1 and 2. Others are struggling when they are between levels 4 and 5.
We can't give you the answer since no answer is correct. But we can help you on the way.
Know your level and it will help you succeed.
Tangofy Maturity Index indicates where you are, and make you aware of the maturity level before taking further actions. This gives you an insight and understanding of internal forces that might occur against different initiatives.

With Pulse we support you to set up a full-scale survey with an invitation, selection of questions and automatic submission and reminders to respondents.
To help you get started, Tangofy has developed a library of questions and statements. This is continuously being developed and renewed, for you to experience the content highly time relevant. If there are some questions or statements missing, you can add them into your own library, as many as you like.


When the end date of mapping is passed, the mapping is set in Analysis mode. You can then start to interpret and evaluate the feedback from your respondents.
Many customers experience great value by sorting using the standard deviation function. A high standard deviation in response is an indicator that someone has responded very differently to the average of the respondents.
This can be an early indicator that you may have a challenge related to the topic addressed by this question. Furthermore, you can filter by departments and locations to isolate possible challenges.
When you identify possible challenges: Make a comment with your thoughts and ideas. This comment will then relate to the specific question or statement you have analyzed. You can then choose the comment in your action list in the next round. It becomes a formal "Activity".

Once you have gained your improvement needs into "Activity" you have a simple overview of your activities as you decide and implement them.
You can also choose to move each activity into Motion for further processing.

Tangofy has built a Business Innovation Platform which supports multi-language. As of today, our services are available in Norwegian and English. For Pulse specifically, this means that you can build specific libraries of questions and statements in both Norwegian and English.



Success by sharing knowledge, experience and information

Have you ever reflected in the end of your day, on how your workday went? Asked yourself, was my hours well spent? Did they create business value and goal-oriented as I planned them to be? Could I have done or performed my tasks differently?
This are questions all employees probably ask themselves very often.

Tangofy Motion facilitates for you to do so. Motion adds value by continually focusing on business awareness and learning for your employees to deliver qualified and goal oriented initiatives and tasks. If you consider to let your people take part in the decision making process in your business, it is just for you to include them and start the innovation together. 


Motion is a first generation "Digital leader". Motion is designed focusing on continually working on improvements and innovation. Anything from new ideas, improvement activities to handle deviations, initiatives, business cases, and projects. Tangofy’s common denomination is “Improvement Proposals”.

Motion solve your challenge by handling all your proposals into one digital workflow, make it easier for you to gather insight, analyze, prioritize, decide and implement. We will make it easier for you to decide and execute on innovation by keeping the total overview at any time.

Motion is meant for all employees, and first movers are the management team, they need to govern and safeguard the Business Innovation Platform. They have to prove their compliance with the new Business Culture “by doing it”. After a while, you gradually can start to include and mature the organisation by creating enthusiasm by sharing success stories and encourage participation. As manager, you do the necessary governance settings for your business under settings, which will make it easier for your people to learn and be aware of the company's direction as you go.

In Motion workflow, we “push forward” insight from idea to decision and implementation. The workflow can either be “public” - for all employees to participate by adding information, likes or comment, or “specific” - for dedicated employees to participate or “private” - for your eyes only. Tangofy's mission is "Success by sharing". Dare to share as much as possible with as many as possible. Do not miss out on a lot of innovation knowledge in the minds of your employees due to the lack of innovation management.

Many of us "should only have spoken to ..." to clarify "a small matter". The person was not available at the moment, so I just have to send an email and wait...

Motion has a "Fast Poll" feature. Send out a "Yes / No" question or define your own questions to be asked. Use the deadline function to get a quick response or feedback on urgent issues.


One of the valuable features of Motion is priority functionality. The complexity of how to prioritise is handled differently among our customers. Therefore we have added functionality for our customers to select between and define their own prioritizing rules.

You can also select a Tangofy priority rule that becomes a matrix with the axes Value (From Low to High) and Implementation (From Simple to Complex).
For those who really struggle to prioritize among many good needs and ideas, you can also construct your own priority logic. The most advanced Motion customers then build priority based on weighting. Some managers seeing this for the first time respond with: "Why haven't I got this before now?".



The dream is a proposal that doesn't have a lot of costs or doesn’t require a lot of effort, yet it provides great value. Unfortunately, such proposals are few in number.

Therefore, we have created a template to identify costs and resource needs. Historically, and still, are, this ends up in Excel sheets as a silo system. In Motion you add information once and reuses it when needed. This reduces many hours “fiddling around” between several spreadsheets and systems tracking all related information towards the specific initiative in one consistent flow.


The implementation phase orchestrates and reuses all data gathered as an underlay for executing decisions, transforms it to an implementation plan in order for you to deliver and handover to operation. Motion supports your deliverance and degree of success depends on your ability to engage and include. In a glance of an eye, you will have a one-pager with implementation status. We provide for you access to aggregated screens that give you the overall overview of every initiative in your business, as long as you have them registered in Motion.


Most people find it interesting to learn, and seeks new knowledge through information and experience. In Motion we facilitate for employees to grow and develop together, heading in the same direction, aiming for the same business targets.

Motion supports continuity and learning throughout the total workflow, and has a specific "step" where your organisation can audit towards the registered expected value and goals of the proposal. When new proposals are registered, they are checked against corresponding historical proposals. We do this to avoid "reinventing” the wheel". When someone registers proposals that have the same profile as other historical suggestions: Check them out before moving on. You might be surprised by the knowledge that lies in the history of previous proposals.



We believe in success by sharing

Tangofy is established in 2016, located in Sandnes- Norway and Ho Chi Minh- Vietnam. The founders have an exciting 360° profile with experience from all sides of the table, both as Vendor, Customer and executing Advisors.

We will challenge the current barriers between information business models and markets, individuals and organisations. We believe that we can make each other stronger by working together. Tangofy delivers a digital Business Innovation Platform and our mission is to gather the collective business experience to build stronger companies.


Success by sharing



Success by sharing



Success by sharing



Success by sharing